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Sheep & Lamb

Quality really is the difference when it comes to our meat and, at B Nagiah's, we would like all our partrons to be well informed with regards to the mutton they purchase. Our lamb cuts include the leg, neck, flank, rib (with chops), loin (with chops), and raised shoulder across the full Red Meat Classification system, with grading as easy as ABC.

Where to Buy

With all the different types of meat out there, finding the right products for you can be quiet difficult. Knowledge on specifications and grades is, thus, very important. But first.

Here are few tips on quality shopping:

  • Shop around for the best buys, specials and best value for money.
  • Study advertisements regularly and critically.
  • Shop according to family preference, the food budget, etc.
  • Shop in your area so as to cut down traveling coasts.
  • Avoid buying at the beginning or at the end of the month or over the festive season.
  • Buy from B Nagiah's and be sure of quality products!

How To Keep a serving of red meat low fat

  1. Choose red meat with little visible fat. Trim all visible fat to a thickness of 4mm or less before cooking the meat.
  2. Use as little cooking oil and fat as possible during the cooking process. Non-stick cookware and sprays are available which make the addition of fat unnecessary.
  3. Heated liquids used in red meat dishes should add to the nutritional value and taste of the dish but should not add to many additional kilojoules. Use liquids such as fruit juices, meat stock and vegetable purses for interesting variations.